Norvell Spray Tans



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Norvell Personalized Spray Tans

Trained Technician will Customize your Spray Tan 

Appointment Preferred call 785-842-4949

Double Dark Single Spray $27.00
Venetian Single Spray $30.00
Venetian Plus Single Spray $33.00

3 Double Dark Spray Tans $65.00
3 Venetian Spray Tans $72.00
3 Venetian Plus Spray Tans $79.00

5 Double Dark Spray Tans $100.00
5 Venetian Spray Tans $110.00
5 Venetian Plus Spray Tans $$120.00

8 Double Dark Spray Tans $135.00
8 Venetian Spray Tans $155.00
8 Venetian Plus Spray Tans $165.00

10 Double Dark Spray Tans $170.00
10 Venetian Spray Tans $190.00
10 Venetian Plus Spray Tans $210.00



Spray Tan Thursdays!

Custom Spray Tans start at $15.00 all day!!!





Norvell Auto-Revolution Spray Tans


Single Booth Spray  Tan $24.00


3 Booth Spray Tans $60.00

5 Booth Spray Tans $90.00

8 Booth Spray Tans $120.00

10 Booth Spray Tans $150.00


Spray Tan Thursdays!

Booth Spray Tans $12.00 all day!!!


Spray Tan Preparation Tips

  • Prepare ahead of time for your appointment
  • Be sure and do all shaving or waxing 24 hours prior to getting your Custom Spray Tan. For best results do not shave or wax right before coming in for your Custom Spray Tan.
  • Lightly exfoliate entire body use a non oil-based exfoliating scrub for best results. If you do not have one handy lightly scrubbing with a loofah or wash cloth is a good  alternative. Be sure and pay special attention to the elbows, knees, and other dry areas. We highly recommend using the Norvell Renewing Sunless Exfoliator. This product was specifically designed for Spray Tan preparation and will get you the best results.
  • Take a shower right before coming to your appointment. You want to be free of any lotions, make-up, or deodorant when you come in for your appointment. You do not want anything to act as a barer to the solution. A clean and fresh palette is recommended for best results. If this is not an option we do provide products to give yourself a quick clean up when you come in.
  • Wear dark and loose fitting clothing. We do not recommend wearing Jeans, Leggings, or Sports Bras immediately following your Custom Spray Tan.

Spray Tan Maintenance Tips

  • Wait as long as possible to take your first shower. The solution will continue to process and get darker for up to 24 Hours but we recommend not showering before 12 Hours for best results.
  • No exercising, swimming, manicures, or pedicures until you have taken your first shower
  • When you take your first shower just rinse! Do not use any soap except for those must clean areas. You can wash your hair like normal.
  • Be prepared for the immediate bronzers to wash off. You will want to stay in the shower and continue to rinse until the water runs completely clear. If you do not do this your Spray Tan could end up streaky, so please take your time.
  • We highly recommend using Norvell Ph Balancing Cleanser while you have your Custom Spray Tan. Again this product was specifically designed for Norvell Custom Spray Tans and will get you maximum length out of your Spray
  • Shave as little as possible while you have your Spray Tan
  • Moisturize often, we recommend moisturizing every morning and evening. Another great product we recommend using is the Norvell Colour Extender Pro-Long Moisturizer. Again this product was specifically designed for Norvell Spray Tans and definitely help you get the most out of your Spray Tan.

Ask us about our Spray Tan Parties!
Minimum 5 People
Will go on location or you can come here at the salon!

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